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Bluejay arrives in Faeroes

Posted in : Bluejay

Arriving in the Faeroes is almost always done in the fog and this trip was no exception. If anything though the ‘Faeroese Sunshine’ makes landfall even more dramatic. Jo, Terry and Mette made a skilful approach past Suduroy and up to Torshavn where we tied up just before Oriole, who had been hot on our heels the whole way. Soon the crews of both boats were taking up the bottom floor of the quirky Sirkus bar and swapping stories, as well as comparing skippers’ culinary achievements. Mike had made his own pastry, for an apple pie – turns out I need to up my game from a Jamaican ginger cake and Custard. Mark and John had their own pastry escapades, and I don’t think Bennie will be living down the toast incident of Tuesday morning for a while! But on the whole we’ve enjoyed some fabulous food, company and sailing, bring on the next leg!