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Starling enters the Baltic!

Posted in : Starling

If you’re happy, time passes fast. We can tell you that the previous ten days have gone without noticing. The Kiel Canal: it’s just a perfect way to chill out and reflect. We had an early start with the sunrise and a lovely English Breakfast with some tunes rapidly brought us to the Baltic Sea where our final destination was waiting for us in Düstenbrook Marina! Everything has to end sometime, but here are some stats about our journey: 11 brave people, 10 days, 5 countries, 2 seas, 1 channel and 1 canal, 7 marinas, 550 nautical miles, 2 days of 24h nonstop sailing, over 1000 knots knotted, 3 mine sweepers, 500 cups of tea and coffee, almost 100 log entries, 10kg of freshly baked bread and pastry, 300 gigabyte of pictures and videos created, and the one and only 60ft long Starling! Our motto was to sail, sleep, eat, repeat. To sign up a holiday like this, you need to be able to go out from your comfort zone, but this is where the flow begins.