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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Dominica and the Green Flash – Starling, Saturday 12th January 2019

Another absolutely cracking day with a perfect sail from St Pierre in Martinique to Roseau in Dominica. Naturally we raced Hummingbird once again and after perhaps being a little over zealous with a full main stay sail and Yankee 1 we soon all agreed that a reef may be more appropriate as we cleared the […]

A magical day exploring Dominica

  Octavios and his crew at Sea Cat Services found us a mooring in Roseau and helped us to clear customs. We then organised a full day ashore in which all of the crew participated yesterday. An adventurous hike to the first waterfall took a good few hours in total and we ventured through stunning […]

Les Saintes – Pigeon Island -Antigua

  Monday 14th Jan saw us depart Dominica for Les Saintes and we maximised our daylight hours with an early departure. Another cracking sail ensued with a standard sail plan of full main, stay sail and Yankee 1 with a reef to ease the additional pressure as we emerged between the islands. We arrived at […]

Hummingbird getting ready for Jamaica!

So a new voyage has begun! We have assembled on board hummingbird ready for a few days of training and cruising around the windward isles, before a beefy 980nm ocean passage across the Caribbean Sea to Jamaica later this week. Yesterday was quite an intense day of instruction in all things safety and sail-y. A […]

Hummingbird en route to Jamaica!

Since our last blog we’ve been sailing between the coasts of St Lucia and Martinique, getting to grips with sail manoeuvres and life on board Hbird before our big planned departure on Thursday. Alongside the full on days of hard work and sail training, there have been moments of relaxation too: dinner out, watching the […]


It’s been a pivotal day on board hummingbird- our first truly relaxed day at sea, where everyone has sunk into the rhythm of the watch system. Everything has clicked into place and tasks such as handovers, sun sights, food prep, and engine checks are all fitting seamlessly into the routine. The sailing has been sublime, […]

Kite up, kite down, woolling – Hummingbird settles into the routine of down wind sailing

Since our last blog we’ve been busy! The kite kept us entertained all day as we learnt to trim and steer by it, without the dreaded threat of a wrap – which we didn’t even come close to the whole time. Eventually though the sun began to set and we had to drop it. Another […]

Cuba calling

Hummingbirds latest crew members turned up sharp today, obviously all super keen to get going! After a light lunch and some chat to get to know each other we set to the task of learning some of the basics onboard including domestics and life below decks, lifejackets, deck work and the crew still found time […]

Hummingbird’s new crew are put through their paces

Shirley and Sarah are currently cooking up a storm in the galley full of giggles and stories, somehow still with energy after a long day of training. The day started with an engine lesson from Nigel before we rigged the deck, sent Robert over the side for an MOB demo, filled with fuel and then […]

Wednesday en route to Cuba!

Our second night at sea could not be more different from our first. After lovely downwind starlit conditions we are now motor sailing into a light head wind dodging squalls. However we caught our first glimpses of Cuba this morning and have been entertained by some lighting storms. Our wind veered all day and dropped […]

Tuesday’s blog

Tuesday began with a crew trip to the local market to stock up with fresh local supplies. A brief and training drill on return and we were off en-route to Cuba. As the afternoon wore on we settled into our watch systems as a stronger than forecast SE wind pushed us north towards Cuba. A […]


Hummingbird has almost arrived in Cuba. We are currently anchored outside the marina awaiting clearance in the morning. The day began with a pretty unsettled morning. Squalls with thunder and lightning spread across the ocean, it rained for hours, the wind was up and down from force 2 to force 6 and the sails where […]