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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Bluejay nears the coast of Norway

What a difference a day makes! After battling the sleet squalls of the last few days we’ve finally had a break in the weather and are ghosting along in beautiful evening light and a gentle breeze. Everyone has become proficient at down wind helming with several people surfing at 11 knots under a poled out […]

Oriole close to (Norwegian) home!

With 60 NM to run until the skerries of the Norwegian coast, the good ship Oriole ploughs onwards through blistering sunshine. The skipper and mate have even taken off their thermals…. for now. Bluejay hove in sight this morning and disappeared on the port tack whilst we took a slower but potentially more direct starboard […]

Bluejay speeding up toward the Arctic Circle

We’ve been making great progress towards Norway in the last 24 hours. The wind has started to back to the NW and we’re now zooming along on a good course, dodging squalls and the occasional hail shower! Mette has clearly annoyed the weather gods because it seems that every time she takes the wheel the […]

Starling in Amsterdam

Well then! Five days in and we have reached Ijmuiden, the gateway to Amsterdam. Our day started at Den Haag with our Bristol-born skipper Darren teaching us MOB drills with all sorts of curious gear to winch and hoist an unfortunate Matlow from the briney ogin. With this new found knowledge it was time to […]

Starling sails into The Hague

We set off from Eastbourne at 10 am with the aim of sailing overnight to Ostend in Belgium. My team was not on first watch so in spite of the fact we were only awake a few hours, we went to our bunks to get as much sleep in advance of the long sail ahead. […]

Bluejay arrives in Faeroes

Arriving in the Faeroes is almost always done in the fog and this trip was no exception. If anything though the ‘Faeroese Sunshine’ makes landfall even more dramatic. Jo, Terry and Mette made a skilful approach past Suduroy and up to Torshavn where we tied up just before Oriole, who had been hot on our […]

The art of sailing

Why do we like to sail? Why do we like to get drained in rain, get hammered by waves and reduce our sleep to minimal? It must be one of the incredibly strong heritable trait that is wired in our DNA but remains dormant until we find ourselves in desperate need of escape. I think […]