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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Think we have died and gone to heaven…

Yesterday was the most amazing ever, we woke in our anchorage to a view of gleaming white glaciers made even brighter by the contrast of the moraine rocks piled high in mounds around the sharp angular peaks. The black and white motif was echoed by the Eider ducks around us and the Arctic Terns performing […]

Starling’s crew in a Latvian prison!

We arrived late in Liepaja, our next stop on our Baltic explorer to St. Petersburg. Well 10pm and moored right next to a very nice looking hotel. We were able to get a couple of well earned cold beers before last orders. We then had a good nights sleep on the boat then french toast […]

Hummingbird settles in Scotland

There was a somber feeling this morning as the crew departed Hummingbird in Oban. The final section of our journey took us to the majestic Scottish mainland port of Ardfern and the light of the summer evening delighted the crew as we enjoyed a beef casserole dinner that had been slowly cooking through the afternoon. […]

Oriole’s crew ashore in Spitsbergen

After an 8 o’clock breakfast, then some frustrating delays caused by a battle with a diesel pump, we set sail around 11 o’clock. What followed was 25 nautical miles of fantastic downwind sailing, with magical panoramic views of glaciers (and some delicious chocolate cake made my Tracey!). We then anchored at the stunning Trygghamna, (where […]

Welcome to Latvia! Starling heads further east

Everyone had a really good sleep after our overnight passage to Klaipeda and our one Lithuanian dinner. Michael cooked the most amazing blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and at 1100 we slipped lines and headed back down the channel, bound for Liepaja in Latvia, our third country of the trip, There was not enough wind to […]

Spitsbergen on the horizon

Our night passage (sun 10 degrees above the horizon at midnight) went well with favourable breeze. Our puffin and curlew watches lead by Tracy and Albert had us sailing towards Spitsbergen with ease, all of us settling into life onboard in Polar conditions guided by our crew. Fladen suits are definitely our dress code now. […]

Hummingbird nears the end of her Passage Making Masterclass

A wet wild and windy overnight passage from Dun Laoghaire ensured that we fell off the the grid for a bit. However we are back, with a lovely little anchorage in Port Ellen, Isle of Islay at the end of the passage everyone was happy to sleep and explore a sleepy Scottish town which appears […]

Happy days on Bluejay in Arctic Norway

The morning started with those that hadn’t been ashore last night getting kitted up to go off in ‘Bluetit’ to clamber up to the spectacular viewpoint.  Views were contemplated along with watching oyster catchers and herons, but no whales for Holly. We eventually set off from Gullvika to head north, under engine, to Ulvaagen where we […]

Starling reaches Lithuania

Starling escaped Hel and arrive at Klaipieda. On the way we sailed past Kaliningrad to starboard and the crew could enjoy our first night sail. Our next destination, Kleipeda in Lithuania was about 120 nautical miles away so the crew was divided into three watches to allow for plenty of rest. The night watch saw […]

Bluejay crew still sailing and hiking in the Lofotens

A lazy morning when we were able to explore the streets of Henningsvaer; buying postcards to send home, souvenirs to keep, and for one of us, a small Norwegian flag on a stick to be converted into a courtesy flag for ‘Bluejay’. We eventually left at around 1030 am to sail north to the island […]

Hummingbird heads off to the western isles of Scotland

The solstice sunrise was stunning and saw the conclusion to 200nm of perfect sailing conditions. As the sun arrived so the wind dissipated and the engine took us the last few hours into Dun Laoghaire. After putting the boat to bed and crew showers aplenty we headed to a traditional Irish pub to sample the […]


Some great, awe-inspiring snow capped mountains were our final well-wishers as we headed north on our sea passage to Svarlbard. Though not before Brian, our skipper directed us to his trusted fishing grounds to see us well stocked for the crossing. Having had little luck fishing from a boat, or anywhere for that matter, I […]