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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Glorious days on Hummingbird sailing in the Lofotens

Optimistic we’d get a cracking long sail across to Landegode, we weighed a large amount of very secure chain and cheerfully left Mortsound via a neatly navigated small channel. The wind increased steadily along with our clothing from T-shirt’s to jackets, wellies, oilskins and a first outing for the Lofoten islands beanie.  Foredeck work was […]

Idyllic days cruising in the Lofotens

The crew awoke this morning in Stromoy to another picture perfect blue sky and the opportunity to explore ashore again. The rib was lowered and the crew shuttled to secluded bays of crystal clear waters. From there they variously took off up the hills, blazed their own trails that even sheep wouldn’t risk, explored amazing […]

Hiking and exploring in the Lofotens

After some enjoyed the 24hour light into the early hours last night, some got up nice and early to take on the 400m hike to a ridge line overlooking the fjord for amazing views. Upon return we enjoyed fresh salad and sandwiches in the gorgeous sun. Debbie then briefed us for the afternoon ahead before […]

Hummingbird arrives in Arctic Norway

So, we made it, after 5 days of sailing we made the crossing from Iceland to Norway. The straight line distance was about 700 nautical miles but the weather threw us a few curve balls so we had to tack, gybe and occasionally hoist the iron sail (engine). Sailing at such a high latitude afforded […]

清晨起来时,云雾弥漫。四周的山全部被浓雾笼罩,全部失去了往常的颜色。海上更是一片苍茫。我们10点准时启航,开始了我们的返程。一路风平浪静,我们无法扬帆。虽然如此,我们还是撑起了主帆,然后借助发动机的马力前行。 与我们的去程时的晴空万里完全相反,返程迷雾重重。能见度低到我们几乎看不到周围环境,更不要说风景。虽说有些遗憾,但同时我们又庆幸整段旅程我们经历了几乎所有可能天气。一周来,有蓝天白云,有晴空万里,有寒冷阴雨,浪起云涌,有山雾迷蒙,有破日重阳。这才是真正的北极圈,这才是真正在北极扬帆出海。 下午4时许,我们终于看到太阳开始在天空探头,迷雾中好像我们的船在寻找阳光出路,我好像在经历电影加勒比海海盗的情景。如果有一只船,或者是任何海上滑翔物出现在我们面前,我们都会有碰撞的可能,躲闪不及。最黑暗的时刻往往是曙光即现的时刻,Emily 站在船头,开始发现船的右前方开始变蓝。几秒钟后,蓝天突然出现在了我们面前。大家顿时激动万分,开始欢叫起来。 此时挪威大陆的沿海山脉展现在我们面前,雄伟壮丽。我们全部惊叹大自然的鬼斧神工。5点左右我们在Kjerrigoy靠岸。这里又是个小巧玲珑的村庄,但是被宏伟的大海和山脉抱拥,宜人之至。 今晚大家会等待看深夜太阳 (midnight sun), 我们现在依然兴致勃勃,没有一丝倦意。我本人主动提出写这段中文日记,留此纪念

Hummingbird nears the Lofotens

The past 24 hours have seen us continue to enjoy good sailing all through the night with winds lightening and eventually veering through today which eventually meant a little low revs were needed from the engine in order to ensure we arrive at our destination before the NE winds fill in. Killer whales where the […]

Bluejay exploring the Lofotens

We were always going to have to pay for the amazing weather that we experienced at the beginning of this trip and yesterday was one of those days. Strategically we made the decision to spend the morning passage planning with a view to slipping after lunch and heading just 16 miles south to the “Venice […]

Arholma to Stockholm

Everyone is ready earlier than usual after another delicious breakfast of eggy bread ….so we commence our journey to Vexholm. The route takes through some of the tightest passages of the archipelago winding between the smooth granite outcrops. Whilst the medium of rocky fur lined islands remains constant, the houses are increasing in scale and […]

Glorious exploring in the Lofotens

Monday delivered somewhat disappointing weather compared to the days before. Nonetheless Bluejay sailed on to the famous Trollfjord and the blue sky emerged just on time as we arrived. This was my fourth visit to Trollfjord and I have always wanted to take a Clipper 60 alongside onto the only pontoon or resting place in […]

Hummingbird has power again! whoop whoop!

1930UTC Pos: 65n21, 1w56 DTG: 400ish SOG: 6 COG: 063 ETA: Friday Weather current: calm. Swell easing. Skies brightening. Gentle roll under engine. HOR: 10 Blog: Winds eased and beautiful sunshine allowed a number of crew to take sun sightings with the sextants onboard. The generator is up and working again thanks to a grand […]

Leaving iceland

Even thick cloud and constant drizzle cannot detract from the beauty of this remote place where the hummingbird crew awoke this morning for our shore day. Importantly, a considered decision was made to leave for Norway tomorrow (Sunday) late morning!!! Breakfast of fruit and eggs was followed by some theory lessons from mate Mike and […]

Mariehamn to Arholma

Starling slipped lines from Mariehamn in glorious sunshing. With Finland the Åland islands disappearing astern and Sweden on the bow. We enjoyed cahmpagne sailing beam reach and a steady force 4. With all sails trimmed the team relaxed to mellow beatsin the cockpit with a plentiful supply of teas and coffees served with freshly baked […]