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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Sailing, training and exploring the coast of Galicia, Spain

We left the anchorage at Cedeira just before the sun made an appearance, as part of operation: make progress west. Ten hours later the evening saw us pull into Camariñas, just north of Finisterre, where we were both grateful for the refuge from the forecast breeze and bowled away by the hospitality of the locals. […]

Starling sails across Biscay

Starling’s crew have had a jam packed time this past week. After the acclimatising safety briefs and intense day of sail training, we spent our first night away from Falmouth anchored in the pretty Helford River – although not for long, as a 5am start called. We set off downwind across the English Channel, sailing […]

Oriole completes her sail from Scotland to Ireland

As the night wore on more sail changes took place and our navigators managed to get fixes while the whole crew settled into the watch system well in the pitch black night. We managed to sail all the way to the entrance to Dublin bay and only resorted to the engine for the final couple […]

Oriole sails overnight to Dublin

The crew had a relatively lazy start to the day, a chilled breakfast followed by some exploring ashore. Our plan was to reconvene for a late lunch on the boat and finalise plans for sailing overnight to Dublin in order to get better winds and give everyone a taste of sailing at night. All onboard […]

Crew of Hummingbird 1: BOB 0

After a tasty dinner in Brest, where enough seafood to sustain a small country was gorged we set of to see BOB (Bay of Biscay). Bob could be a mean frightening enemy or a tame pussyfoot and for two days a steady ten knots eased us downwind. This was my first experience of the watch […]

Delayed blog from Oct 19th – Sorry this was missed, ED

I know, I know it has been silence in the Hummingbird blog section.. She has gone through refit for a couple of weeks to make her ready for the Atlantic winter season. We started our trip from Gosport (Gosvegas by the local sailing community) exactly a week ago. Returning customer Daniel from Switzerland, Irish James, […]

Skills and drills in Galicia

BlueJay’s new crew were up before the sun this morning, who lazily stayed abed until after the safety briefings and only peeping over the horizon once the deck prep were completed. Boat ready and the mercury rising to give way to a pleasant temperature, we set out into the bay to familiarise ourselves with the […]

Powering across Biscay

It was Monday morning when we left Brest. Restocked and fully planned we set sail for the Spanish Rias.. unfortunately the wind was light the first 24 hours and the engine had to assist the sailing. This did not hamper the great meals brought to the table by James and David and lunches by Daniel […]

Stuart – captain of Oriole – happy to leave Scotland for Ireland

We had a relaxed morning on Oriole today as Diane and Gary finished their passage plans to navigate us to Belfast before a team engine check and slipped lines to set us on our way. The sun made a last appearance just as the tips of Scotland disappeared over the horizon (coincidence ????). We set […]

Fine food and sailing on oriole

We awoke to a spectacular sunrise this morning as we raised anchor for another sharp departure south to catch the tide. We finished breakfast on the way and with little wind settled into a motor sail towards the north channel. We chatted about charts, passage planning, variation and tides which should have us ready to […]

Amazing sailing in Scotland for Oriole

Oriole enjoyed a sharp start this morning so with all crew on deck at 0900 we slipped lines and headed south in order to make the most of the tide. The first couple of miles took us down the sound of kerrera and we got everything ready so that as soon as we were clear […]

Oriole prepares to sail from Scotland to Dublin

Five new crew arrived today for our next voyage from Oban to Dublin. After they all settled in we had a busy afternoon with above and below deck briefings and alongside man overboard drill practiced. That leaves us ready to make the most of the favourable tide and wind tomorrow morning as we start our […]