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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Starling arrives in St Lucia

After an epic crossing of the Atlantic, Starling and her crew arrived safely in St Lucia on Friday morning. They are spending the next few days exploring the island and getting their land legs back and will update you soon!

Starling can almost smell the land (and the land can smell them!)

After 17 days at sea we are all smelling of eau de onion with a hint of diesel and a waft of whatever is lurking in the lazarette. Good job we have all managed to get along ok and live with each others night time orchestrations. Almost everyone now cooking and we haven’t starved. Fresh […]

Thursday 6th Dec

We are 11 days out of Las Palmas and today was a good day. Refreshed from the showers yesterday, we find that we had completed another 200-plus mile day. Had a visit from a dozen of the tiniest dolphins, passed within quarter mile of a sloop heading the same way, shook out a reef and […]

Starling’s international crew members update us from mid-ocean

Translated from Hebrew: “You are too old, don’t even try….your experience is not good for blue water sailing.” Those were the comments when we told people we would be joining Starling for the ARC 2019. We arrived in Gran Canaria, met a group of nice people and got into action: changing sails, ropes, moving gear, […]