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Sailing deep into the fjords

Posted in : Oriole

As the sun came out, it was clear that it was gonna be a good day for the crew of Oriole. After a few last minute shops and marina berthing fees, the crew slipped lines and pointed Oriole’s bow towards the intimidating Norwegian Fjords.

Lessons on weather the previous day meant we were all prepared by the time the squalls and gusting winds funnelled through the Fjord. Oriole sailed through it without a problem with One Reef on the main and one on the Jib.  

Teas and coffees never stopped and Lionel and Susi made sure we were all well fed, giving us 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and you could already smell the brownies getting cooked, but somehow it all got eaten! 

A drop on the wind was a perfect opportunity to set up our fishing gear but without any luck yet. 

As the Fjords got steeper and narrower, the views got better and better, with oriole navigating on her own in the immensity of the Fjord. 

Oye was finally spotted at the bow, with a few houses, stunning mountains and a waterfall just meters away from the pontoon. A quick tidy up and the crew were off exploring the surroundings while the skipper and mate practiced cold water shock by jumping in the water. After that, an amazing pasta bolognese was cooked by our chefs Rob and Ken. 

With the passage plan for the next day done by Sarah, we managed to find a famous “haunted” hotel, so we decided to have a relaxing drink where Kings and Queens have had theirs centuries ago. 

A clear night with stars under the Fjords put a smile in our faces before going to bed for more exploring tomorrow.