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Delayed blog from Oct 19th – Sorry this was missed, ED

Posted in : Hummingbird

I know, I know it has been silence in the Hummingbird blog section..

She has gone through refit for a couple of weeks to make her ready for the Atlantic winter season.

We started our trip from Gosport (Gosvegas by the local sailing community) exactly a week ago.

Returning customer Daniel from Switzerland, Irish James, French Silvie, German Völker, fresh from SA David and British finest Chris Steph onboard for there two weeks decent to the lush Ria’s of North Western Spain.

There challenge to reach this Paradise would be crossing the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay in the roaring month of October.

Leaving the Solent was already a challenge as gale force winds where coming through. But after excessive training they challenged the weather to cross to the Channel Islands. An overnighter by moonlight guided by David’s passage plan (the weather did come around enough to trade rain for the moon) dodging heavy shipping traffic in the center of the Channel, made us arrive in St Peters Port in the early hours of Wednesday.

Well deserved rest was taken before exploring the old island town. At the same time Silvie and Völker started to plan the next leg of the voyage; St Peters Port to Brest. They were given extra planning time as the wind blew out of the west with 30 knots for another 24 hours. The Skipper took this opportunity to service some winches and showed the crew how that was done..

James and Daniel explored the castle in the form of a guided tour and then gave a lecture of Guernsey history on return to the boat.

After a evening meal of Chicken Jambalaya presented by James, we all went to bed on a decent time to be well rested for the trip to come.

This morning we prepared Hummingbird for departure, setting her largest Yankee.

At noon with a following tide around the corner we left the marina for our 140 nM endeavour.

We hope to arrive in Brest by early afternoon tomorrow…


Signing off , Patrick