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6th March – Cayo Rosario

Posted in : Hummingbird

After a windy night, we awoke to be greeted by Russian lingerie flapping in the breeze on our neighbour’s boat!

Motoring out gently through the mangrove lined Channel – beach babe at the helm ensuring we navigated beautifully between the markers were just at the end of the spit we turned head to wind to raise the sails and start the training morning. Grey skies were a welcome cover from the heat of the last few days. As the wind rose we practised gybing under Hollys immaculate instructions, a now a force 5 we covered our route averaging an exciting 8 knots.

“Rob the photo ” had found a new pleasure in being at one on the galley seemingly suffering no ill effects as we were on a close reach and provided a delicious pasta for the crew.

With Tracy at the helm masterfully taking us towards Cayo Del Rosario , the white horses calmed and soon the coastline was in sight. Unable to anchor closer to shore due to the depth, we ended our sail with a sun lit view of waves crashing on the reef. Kettle on – must go to explore the possibility of rum punch.

Crew Penny