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7th March – Juventud

Posted in : Hummingbird

Today was another great long day sail on Hummingbird. We started by raising our anchor in time to the sun rising above the horizon. Anthony then guided us on course and we set sail on a broad reach sailing best course downwind. A lesson in helming by Stuart was followed by a wonderfully animated celestial introduction by Holly to prepare us in the event of gps failing. We then settled into a watch system and our tanned Greek like gods of Nick and Stuart (yes his Scottish skin tans) stood the high noon shift as our paler blondes and redheads hid in there bunks to avoid severe burning. Meanwhile our professional photographer Rob was busy concentrating on what I think might be a new career in being a Yacht chef as he prepared not one but 2 meals in the galley with able assistant Penny. It almost went so wrong as the afternoon cake almost set fire to the oven but was duly devoured after survival. Even a chat of burial at sea didn’t dampen the spirits as we watched yet another amazing sunset as we made our last miles under a star lit sky to our anchorage.