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8th March – Siguanea

Posted in : Hummingbird

Another fantastic day on Hummingbird began with the crew awakening to a new stunning location. As the crew began to explore and find footprints ashore it was decided that these where thankfully of human origin and not crocodiles. Tracey was then getting expert tuition on rib driving from holly when the shout came from the rib that hollys bread alarm was going off and we were to attend to the oven. While the crew enjoyed a swim and snorkel around the boat Anthony served up a salad buffet lunch. We then set of on passage round the headland where we sailed gingerly to avoid reefs just 2m under the keel but navigator Nichola had safely planned our passage clear of the danger. Once In deeper water we tacked upwind in amazing flat water conditions and full sail to some astonishing sailing, swiftly ending on anchor outside the shallow marina of siguanea to an amazing orange sunset and a wonderfully clear starry sky. Nick had preppered an awesome slow cooked beef and potato dinner followed by head chef Rob’s first chocolate cake. Crew member Anthony.