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A Happy little adventure on Starling

Posted in : Starling

After a late start including bacon sandwiches we all ventured ashore on Carriacou…. a variety of pass-times ensued over the next few hours, Paradise beach for some, Customs and Provisioning if you were Skipper Kieran or Mate Alex.

Once back on the boat and suitably restocked…. both David and Caitlin came back with a case of beer!!!! We were off, our beer duo being our navigators had the challenging task of sailing a course up wind, so tacking and discussions about when to tack kept us sailing well a.d aiming at the right island mostly.

Pulling into Union Island, Jonny made ready the mooring lines with Wendy on the helm, this soon changed to trying to anchor, as all the bouys were gone! The race against the dinghy was on to pack the boat away, sail covers lines and spray hood up, as Andy and Susie had eyes on the gorgeous Rum Shack Happy Island. Off the crew went for before dinner drinks leaving Libby and Alex looking after the boat.

An evening of Fun and Frolics continued upon return from the rum bar, where dinner was served to some very Happy crew…. the island had lived up to its name, even a game of guess the song made an appearance 70’s and 80’swe’ll was the music of choice, we’ll see how sore heads are in the morning! 😂

A great day rounded off in the beautiful grenadines some sailing and some relaxing what more could you want….. (please don’t say no rain!)

written by Alex Mate on Starling