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Across the Vestfjorden to Reine!

Posted in : Bluejay

Bluejay’s new crew have been onboard for a couple of days now, but Rita just commented that she feels like it’s been weeks! (I hope that’s a good thing…) Yesterday was our first outing from Bodo towards an anchorage on the south east of Landegode. We saw a sea eagle before we even left the fuel dock, and I worried that we’d peaked too soon! We had just enough wind to get a nice first training sail in, practising some skills and drills – and sending fladden-clad Wonder Woman Laura over the side to rescue that clumsy fender. Despite having to re-set the anchor after it dragged on the first go we had a peaceful night, the calm only broken by the buzz of our dinghy as the crew set off to explore. This morning we left pretty sharp after breakfast (and after spotting an eagle catch a fish) knowing we had 50nm to cover across the Vestfjorden to the Lofotens. We motored for the first half, learning loads along the way – Rita, who has never sailed before, was leading main sail reefs like a boss – and when the wind eventually filled in from the perfect direction up went all the canvas, off went the engine, and we spent the next 20nm cruising along under blue skies with massive grins on our faces. We had such a great sail that it was almost a shame to have to drop them before we hit the rocks… but the gorgeous Reine was equally calling us in, so down the sails came. We’re now sat at the base of Reinebringen feeling totally grateful to be here. And let’s not forget that we saw a whale! Species: unknown, size: big, distance: CLOSE. Sadly for Robert on the helm only caught the whale’s reflection in Rita’s aviators, so the hunt for a whale sighting for the whole crew still remains…