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Getting the right adventure sailing travel insurance

Having the correct travel insurance is essential when joining a Rubicon 3 voyage. Whether it’s protecting you against a twisted ankle just before you join us, a cancelled flight or the need to get medical care once you’re abroad – the right insurance is a critical part of your preparations.

Are you from the UK / EU or further afield?
We ask this because it will have a big impact on what type of cover you can get. If you’re from the UK / EU it’s going to be cheap and simple. If not, it’s still simple but it’s not as cheap. Because there is a such a disparity in what is available we do not specify minimum cover levels.

What do I need?
You must have insurance that covers you for sailing on a yacht that is more than 12nm offshore. Be careful when buying your insurance as many companies advertise ‘offshore sailing’ but do not actually mean more than 12nm. You may come across the definition ‘territorial waters’. Territorial waters end at 12nm, so you need insurance that goes outside territorial waters. Beyond that, just make sure it covers you for the region that your Voyage sails in.

It is compulsory to have insurance?
Absolutely. We will ask you for your insurance details prior to you joining. Bear in mind however that we cannot check that your insurance is adequate.

Where to get insurance
For those in the UK / EU there are various options. We do not recommend any particular provider or policy. You could look at the following providers:
Topsail Insurance
Bishop Skinner Insurance

For UK / EU residents, you should bring your EHIC card with you. This entitles you to greatly reduced or even free medical coverage in other EU countries. Find out more here.


If you are from outside the UK / EU you could look at the following providers:
Gowrie (email Rick Bagnall) – this currently seems to be the best option for US clients

World Nomad

PLEASE NOTE: US Insurance is written differently and states what is NOT covered, rather than what is. Therefore, there is no requirement for US client’s insurance to state that it covers more than 12nm offshore.