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Aldernay to Brixham

Posted in : Starling

Early, early start from Poole in the darkness, before   we slipped out into a perfect autum morning in the English Channel. The sun appeared as we hoisted the main and the number two yankee and began a much more relaxing day than the tack-fest previously mentioned here. For what is supposed to be the busiest shipping lane on the world, the Channel was surprisingly deserted. Apart from the occasional ferry and fisherman, the only company we had were the gulls. The crew dealt bravely with an increasingly lumpy swell and consumed an eclectic selection of foods. Everyone managed to keep it all down and as Aldernay appeared on the horizon the lure of the land (and the pub) brought even the most exhausted mariner back to life. Sadly, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Lorenzo, we didn’t have much time on the island. A quick run to the shop and the pub was the extent of our exploring. But the views from the pub balcony made us all agree that another visit someday would definitely be worth the effort. At the slipway, Alex was waiting for us with the RIB, as arranged. Back aboard, we wolfed down the chilli our skipper Emily had made. Yet more wine was consumed and the rocking of the boat gradually subsided. One by one, the crew drifted off to their bunks. Another early start beckons, with a following wind to get us safely back to Brixham by nightfall. Good night all.