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Alesund to Bergen trip: Norwegian Fjords

Posted in : Oriole

Day 1 Sat 30th Aug


Crew arrival day, Skipper Alex, First mate Lionel, Crew Susi, Rod, Rob, Sarah and Ken. Slight luggage panic with Robs bag, KLM forgot to put on plane but it arrived the following morning ok. We sorted out berths and unpacked then chilled for a couple of hours. The Crew then went shopping bringing two shopping trolleys loads back to Oriole to be excellently stowed below by Alex and Lionel. We then had a below decks safety brief followed by an excellent roast chicken dinner, we ended the evening with a beer at a local bar. 



Day 2 Sunday 1st Sept


Strong overnight winds up to 50 knots made the boat a bit rocky down below, Alex was on deck about 2.50 am checking mooring lines and fenders, while Lionel took the chance to do some laundry… After a rocky night, a lack of sleep crew were up about 7.30 am (ish) and after showers, we had  cereals and bacon sandwiches for breakfast. The days weather was checked with winds forecast gusting up to 45 knots, so the decision was made to stay at the Berth today and take the opportunity to get to know the boat. Once breakfast was cleared away, a very detailed man over board recovery excercisie was conducted by Alex and Lionel with Susi volunteering to dress up in the immersion suit, photos to follow. We then had ham and cheese Quesadillas for lunch. After lunch we had a training excercise from Lionel on chartwork and passage planning . Tea break to rest the brains, then the crew did a passage plan for Monday . Dinner tonight is cod and chorizo stew. Ken