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Amazing sailing in Scotland for Oriole

Posted in : Oriole

Oriole enjoyed a sharp start this morning so with all crew on deck at 0900 we slipped lines and headed south in order to make the most of the tide.

The first couple of miles took us down the sound of kerrera and we got everything ready so that as soon as we were clear we hoisted the main, rigged the preventors and set of downwind at 7kts. The sun was just starting to rise over the hills and the islands of Scotland where looking oh so glorious in the morning light. As we cruised downwind we took a moment to take in the views while we switched turns on the helm. As the wind was suitable we altered plans slightly to stay to the west of scarba and so transit eastwards through the corrycreckan to bring us back inside Jura. Even at neap tides the corryvreckan lived up to its name. We enjoyed an enjoyable passage through watching small upwellings and overfalls in gusty winds as we topped 14.7kts over the ground. Once through we held onto the tide and continued at 10kts or so in strengthening northerly winds. Chantelle served up lunch as we continued to practice gybes and alternate on the helm. With the help of the tide we made our destination of Craighouse just after 6 hours of sailing to cover the 46nm. Amazing speeds, and all under a cloudless scottish bluebird day. A quick inflate of the dinghy and we were all ashore taking in different adventures of walking to the pub, running up hills and wandering along the beach.
Having spent many days on the water, I (Stuart/skipper) can honestly say that this is right up there with some of the best! Rubicon3 delivering as always.

For poor Gary, our newbie, Iā€™m afraid sailing may never live up to his first day on the water!!! šŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆ Corryvreckan āœ… sunshine āœ… downwind sail āœ… beach anchorage āœ…