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Another freakin’ great day in paradise

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Another freakin’ great day in paradise, starting with a porridge breakfast to give us the energy for morning sports.

Team 1: swam at least 200 times round the boat anchored in the Cays (well the tender anyway); Team 2: went with the happy captain Neil to the island where they filmed ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ but alas no Keira or Jonny; Team 3: went sightseeing up the mast for the views across the Cays putting their life in their crew members hands; Team 4: went snorkelling over the reef spotting puffer fish, angel fish, trumpet fish, but no dinner to catch. After lunch we sailed downwind practising our gybing which the skipper commented was the best he had ever seen for a novice crew, arriving into Chatham Bay on Union Island. We managed some more snorkelling but we did manage to bring some sand onto the boat much to Kieran’s disgust so a total boat cleanup was required. Finally it was time for the main event – back to a beach rum shack. Here we found interesting caterpillars & swings, hammocks & an awesome sunset. Of course we continued to practice our goat imperfections but Alex is still the best.

Finally the crew cooked jumbalaya listening to local & UK music, with on board baked cake from Alex the mate.

Night night…,

By David Crew on Starling