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Arriving in Seydisfjordjur

Posted in : Bluejay

The village of one bar and a cave- Nordfjordhur

We hiked in our full sailing fowlies to the one and only open bar in the village of Nordfjordhur- called Baitbar, where a Latvian bar tender served us drinks. The bar resembled a Swiss mountain cabin, with long wooden tables, floral printed sofas upstairs in the loft, historic artefacts on the wall and a lead weight pulley system holding the toilet door shut. As the wind was blowing a hoolie (a technical sailing term) the day was mainly spent relaxing and doing some light cleaning (getting diesel out of the lazarette) and small boat maintenance.

After lunch many of the crew members visited the local outdoor swimming pool, which had a 25m lane pool, a 4 degrees plunge pool, two slides and three hot pools of around 40 degrees. The crew not only managed to have their first showers after the ocean crossing, they also had lots of fun boiling, freezing and sliding. A few crew members visited the local museum which had paintings by local artists on the first floor, and technical sailing tools and instruments such as big, old sextants on the second floor. The top floor had a biological theme with birds, fish and different geological samples. The crew visited the Baitbar again in the evening for a meal of local fish served in a big pan with potatoes and vegetables. The wind continued to blow a hoolie making for a lively, rocking night tied to the dock.

The following morning 6 crew members got up early to hike along the fjord to Påskahellir cave (Easter sun cave). The hike followed the coast past basalt rock pillars, ‘pillows of lava’, ‘magnificent dykes,’ and blueberry bushes. The ocean swell was still visible from the previous days high winds, with the waves funneled through a small gap to the cave. There was a roar, which bounced and echoed around the cave, as the pebbles were dragged back towards the sea on the backwash of the waves. Ancient hollows, from trees long since disappeared under the lava, were visible in the underbelly of the cave. A cafe in the village provided us with breakfast number #2 before we prepared the boat and motor sailed to the other side of the mountain.