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Atlantic Crossing Update: November 24 2022 Articles

Atlantic Crossing Update: November 24 2022

Starling & Bluejay charging across the Atlantic


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4 days in to the 2022 ARC, and both Starling and Bluejay continue to enjoy almost perfect weather conditions, with the F4-5 NE trade winds driving them west. The trade winds can often be much lower so this is a real bonus to have had them from the start.

weather and route

Bluejay blog

This is our fourth night at sea and the first 72 hours have certainly been lively. We started the rally at 1300UTC on Sunday and were straight out into a big northerly swell and 25 knots of winds which built as we sailed through the infamous Canary Islands acceleration zones to around 35knots combined with 140 other yachts all doing the same, its fair to say it was a busy first night and day at sea, which saw us sail just shy of 200nm in 24 hours! Good to get the miles in early. The wind then abated which allowed our transatlantic crew to find their sea legs a little easier and settle into life onboard, getting to grips with everything from moving around and living onboard a moving vessel to helming and pole work and sail changes. Happy to report that all sea seasickness onboard is a distant memory and now with the watch system firmly settled into, sights are set onto to the c.2000nm left to go to St Lucia and more importantly how we are going to make up the 35nm that separate us from Starling ahead!

Starling blog

Greetings from Starling. The crew are settling into their watches after the excitement of leaving Las Palmas. We had an eventful start to our Atlantic crossing with strong winds and a large swell on the first day meaning a yankee 3 and 2nd reef. Amazingly no seasickness occured, mainly due to the large amounts of Stugeron and Kwells being consumed in the first few hours. The wind has now eased so the sail area has been incrreased with a poled out yankee 2.
Unfortunately a loose knot meant the spinnaker pole broke during our second night due to the down haul failing. This sounds dramatic but it was quickly remedied thanks to Paul and Munu and our 2nd pole.  It’s a timely reminder to everyone on the need for real attention to detail. We were soon up and running again and continuing our journey SW.
We have just caught a Dorado and havee 100 ripe bananas to get through (quite fast!)


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