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Hummingbird sails the NW coast of Spain to Vigo

Today saw us setting off at first light to sail from Baiona to Muros, a passage of around 45 miles. Paddy had prepared the passage plan the previous evening and talked us all through it. Probably just as well as he was nowhere to be seen when we slipped lines. It proved to be a […]

Starling 13:51, 08.03.20

With just over 2000 miles left to go, we’re almost one third of the way across the Pacific! Wahoo! And so far, we haven’t used the GPS. Yep, that’s right – it’s been sextant torture and maths all the way. Everyone is taking to celestial nav fast and even when we only get one sight […]

Purple Passion in the Pacific

Twice a day the 35 boats taking part in the World ARC report their positions to each other on the long range radio. We exchange tales of the last 24 hours, compare wind and weather conditions, and listen to who has caught the biggest fish. This is starting to become a somewhat painful exercise because […]

Tea crisis on Starling!

Good evening from the big pink bird again. Today I bring bad news and a request for outside assistance: we are running out of teabags, and it is only day 3 of 21. “How could a boat load of Brits possibly end up in this predicament?” I hear you ask? Unfortunately we have lost some […]

Happy days sailing around the world on Starling

Howdy folks (I think that’s what we say now we’re south of the equator), we are enjoying a beautiful moonlit second night of our trans-Pacific voyage from the Galapagos to the Marquesas islands. We have been ghosting along at 4kn or so for the last few hours, on a light SE’ly breeze which we hope […]

Hummingbird sailing in the azores bound for Spain

Tuesday 3 March Left Terceira at 0820 and practised rigging and hoisting tri-sail and storm jib. These are used together in wind speeds of 45+ knots and our wind force was only F4. Once we reverted to Yankee 3 and 1st reef we set our course for Ponta Delgado on San Miguel. The passage took […]

Sailing in the Galapagos with Rubicon 3

Isabela was our second stop in the Galápagos Islands and it turned out to be an absolute gem. We had been warned that the anchorage was small and the approach difficult but we took the plunge and decided to head there anyway. We Starlings will do anything for an adventure! Patrice expertly navigated us in, […]

First Few Days in the Azores; Sun Sea & Sealife

After arriving in Horta and a very fast taxi dive from the airport to the Marina I met up with Pete (skipper) and Mark (1st Mate) along with the other crew members. In the afternoon we went over the boat intros (inside and out) and then we ran a man over board simulation on the […]

Starling has sailed 1/4 way around the world!

Arriving in Galapagos under sail is a real once in a lifetime moment. The green, volcanic shapes and black, lava formed coastline are unlike anywhere else I’ve visited. After a beautiful close reach across the equator we made landfall in the lovely town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, on the island of San Cristobal. After 8 different […]

Bluejay sails into Jamaica

Remember those 9 complete strangers who met a couple of weeks ago then went off on an adventure from Martinque to Jamaica, taking in St Lucia on the way? At 3am this morning they entered the marina in Jamaica while playing Bob Marley on deck. Everyone was up on deck whether they were on watch or not. […]

Night skies & Galley disasters on Bluejay

The eggs are gone. And so is the honey. However the bilges are really clean. This is our 4th day at sea now and it’s fair to say the boat is rolling about a fair bit in big swells, which has meant for a few galley disasters. If you put it down, it *will* slide […]

Starling crosses the Equator!

Good evening from a the flock of merry Starlets en route to the Galapagos islands. We write to you from two miles south of the equator, having just been granted safe passage by Queen Neptune (aka Felicity). The Equator crossing ceremony involved confessing our sins and paying a penalty for them, sacrificing some rum and […]