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Author Archives: Rubicon 3

Hummingbird at anchor

After a lovely evening at anchor star gazing some of the crew rowed over to Ilhas Desertas.  

Day 9 Portland Marina

Day 9 After a breakfast of flipping good pancakes (flipped by Mark), we left sunny Dartmouth bound for Portland. A firm south-westerly wind pushed us toward our next port of call. At times, the wind increased as squalls came and went. But even a brief hale storm left behind it a magnificently full rainbow. And […]

Dartmouth Delights

6 November Despite a much easier night passage than the previous two, the crew were soon abed for a couple of hours of much needed kip, before the sybaritic delights of the luxury marina showers were sampled by the crew prior to a walk ashore to the Dartmouth institution that is Cafe Alf Resco‘s. After […]

Joining Bluejay

With a degree of trepidation, the crew of Blue jay arrive over a few hours on Wednesday. What have we signed up for? The yacht a 60’ Clipper with its blue hull resting next to the pontoon invites us to board. Within minutes it’s like old friends meeting except we’re strangers. Bags dropped off and […]

Tuesday 5th November

Blogs – Sat to Mon Saturday 2 Nov The crew started the day watching the Rugby World Cup final in the saloon (it turns out the pubs in Greystones weren’t planning to open their doors at 9am for an England game). It was a pretty disappointing result but Jane attempted to raise our spirits by […]

Skills and drills in Greystones

Today we were excited to be setting off to put our theory from the day before into practice. We set off from Dun Laoghaire and we’re about half an hour out when an alarm disturbed the relaxed atmosphere somewhat. The skipper and first mate entered into an intensive period of trying to work out what […]

Oriole’s new crew join in Dublin

Having joined yesterday and instantly dropped Jane over the side for a MOB drill, the new crew spent the (rainy) day familiarising themselves with Oriole and each other once the most amazing breakfast had been cooked by Mark. We decided to stay put rather than head south with gale force 10 winds in the forecast. […]

Starling evens the scores

By wednesday this week it was Start Point 1 Starling 0 but yesterday a very small weather window provided the opportunity to even the scores and even the scores we did! We slipped out of Darthaven Marina in the dark and the placid conditions could well have made us question the forecast had we not […]

Day 1 of Starlings next adventure and an introduction to sailing for our crew.

The inclement weather in no way deterred our enthusiastic adventurers and no sooner was lunch and safety briefs complete than we found ourselves setting off I to the mizzle. A pod of dolphins soon distracted from a slightly uncomfortable sea and we sailed cautiously under head sail as the wind was deep behind us. Our […]

Man overboard Drills on Starling

A Blog put together from the whole crew on our first full day of sailing on Starling! An early start for breakfast Man overboard drills and setting up the boat had Steven hanging over the side of the boat and then off we set……. First destination Salcombe, Heading around Start Point and we decided to […]

Aldernay to Brixham

Early, early start from Poole in the darkness, before   we slipped out into a perfect autum morning in the English Channel. The sun appeared as we hoisted the main and the number two yankee and began a much more relaxing day than the tack-fest previously mentioned here. For what is supposed to be the busiest […]

Starling – Tacking with America’s Cup Efficiency!

‘It’s been a while since you last sailed,’ said Bruce. ‘Why not ease back into things with a gentle coastal trip?’ His words came back to me yesterday as Chris, Alex and I disappeared into a wall of water on the foredeck as we struggled to gather in the brand-new headsails. We were nearing the […]