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Beautiful blue icebergs

Posted in : Oriole

An early start followed an exciting anchor watch. Beautiful blue icebergs drifting past our bay and now heading in our direction, hastened a speedy look towards the face of Svalbards largest magnificent glacier. We edged stealthily close to the 4 nm wide glacier avoiding ice floes and ensuring it did not enclose on us. With scrummy hearty pancakes now in our bellies to mark the occasion, we then followed close to the looming mountainside of the fjord.  Looking up at the amazing circulating and nesting Artic Fulmers, Terns, Auks and Puffins. Amazingly a few Reindeer were sighted on the 45degree scree slopes.

A lovely downwind sail followed to Ny Alusand, the worlds most northern community, and base for Artic explorers and scientists. Whereby Brian demonstrated excellent 58 ft space berthing with a one shot approach. Pretty impressive handling with a Bowman 57! Tracey