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Bluejay crew still sailing and hiking in the Lofotens

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A lazy morning when we were able to explore the streets of Henningsvaer; buying postcards to send home, souvenirs to keep, and for one of us, a small Norwegian flag on a stick to be converted into a courtesy flag for ‘Bluejay’. We eventually left at around 1030 am to sail north to the island of Stormolla where we found Gullvika, a small inlet with a perfect anchorage.  Sailing conditions were great and ‘Bluejay’ managed to sail along at up to 8 – 9 knots on a broad reach. The sea was, however, very lumpy at times and not particularly comfortable.  A training session on ‘Collision Regulations at Sea’ had us imagining a couple of sailing vessels named ‘HP Sauce’ and ‘Sweet Chilli Sauce’ heading towards each other on opposite tacks as Holly took us through the basics of staying out of trouble at sea.  A very tasty lunch of salad, blue cheese and walnuts kept away the hunger pangs as we sailed towards our destination.  Like all our sailing days so far this trip the rain held off until we had anchored in the stunning location at Gullvika. This is a small inlet protected to the west, north and east by steep cliffs and mountainous terrain, and to the south/southwest by a couple of small islands.  After an enormous dinner of kjottkaker, gravy, mash and veg, followed by freshly baked gulrotkake, six intrepid explorers ventured forth in ‘Bluetit’ to explore the immediate vicinity.  A short scramble up a steep, rocky and moss-covered slope from the shore provided us with stunning views of ‘Bluejay’ anchored in the middle of a calm circle of sea.  She looked so small from such a height and it was then that I recognised the stunning enormity of the surrounding mountains and fjords. Our landing party included Andy, the trip photographer/video guy, who took his drone and camera with him.  For the rest of us this involved numerous trips backwards and forwards in ‘Bluetit’, to and from the shore, around ‘Bluejay’ at varying speeds as the drone followed or flew alongside, ably flown by Andy. It was eventually back to ‘Bluejay’ where we all settled down for the night, not that there is any night at this latitude, as the start the next day was to be an early one. It’s a strange concept having daylight for 24 hours though for us the sun hasn’t put in much of an appearance.  The weather has generally been overcast with clouds on the tops of the mountains.  We have been incredibly lucky in that the only day we have had of persistent rain was when we went for a long walk from Reine – maybe the name gives some clue to the weather conditions. I can’t believe that the trip is starting to come to an end and that tomorrow we will begin the trip home by heading back south and towards Bodo.