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Bluejay exploring the Lofotens

Posted in : Bluejay

We were always going to have to pay for the amazing weather that we experienced at the beginning of this trip and yesterday was one of those days. Strategically we made the decision to spend the morning passage planning with a view to slipping after lunch and heading just 16 miles south to the “Venice of the North”; Henningsvaer.
The plan turned out to be a good one as the rain stopped just as we let go of the lines and the visibility began to improve.
We hoisted all sails and trimmed for a beat much to the delight of most of our intrepid adventurers and short lessons on sailing dynamics broke up some of the longer racks.
We arrived in this pretty little fishing harbour at 1700 and found a quayside to accommodate us managed by one of the local hotels. After a hearty bolognese dinner the crew went in different directions to sample some of the local hospitality before a settled nights sleep. If everything goes to plan the sailing training g will continue today downwind as we head back south to Nusfjord. All is well on the good ship Bluejay.