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Bluejay in Hennningsvaer

Posted in : Bluejay

Happy Friday from the crew of Bluejay.  The day started with skipper depriving his crew of croissants.  In retaliation the crew insisted on an early start.  Peace was restored after coffee, tea and breakfast on the hoof.  Motoring to Nusfjord under a bright blue sky and fairly chilled crew….. surprised to discover that the ‘pregnant Bart Simpson’ pilotage plan actually worked. Skipper has now threatened to ban the use of Navionics… After a bit of a bimble about a tasty lunch with fresh bread was had by all.  After the late arrival of Oriole, a hasty departure was made as the tone of the neighbour hood plummeted.  


The second leg was blessed by variable winds – reef in, reef out and shake it all about, you get the general picture!  Happy crew as we did manage 10 knots.  


Navigating into Henningsvaer was complicated but successfully achieved. As we did our fly past we were serenaded with Motörhead’s Ace of Spades… apparently Henningsvaer is hosting its annual Codstock music festival…. it’s all fake news, man!