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Bluejay in Lofotens

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8 June 2019 Henningsvaer day. Codstock and Custard.
There is plenty to do in Henningsvaer, which this weekend was dominated by the Codstock Festival…. three days of fish and music plus lots of campervans and drunken festival goers. More on that later. So a day of walking, looking around the photography gallery and art gallery, a climb up Festvagind (541m…. great views of the Henningsvaer archipelago from the top including distant and pointless? fireworks.). The afternoon was spent nav planning and in the evening, we ventured out to Henningsvaer. Sadly, the Youth Hostel was overflowing so we couldn’t try the sauna, so ended up in the climbers bar. A word of advice…. don’t moor up alongside a ‘Codstock’ bar playing blues and Irish music in your motor cruiser and start playing Abba’s Greatest Hits. Not unless you want BBQ brushes, glasses and bottles thrown at you. We also met Bjorn from Henningsvaer, who had the biggest fists and firmest handshake I’ve ever come across. Lovely chap but wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

9 June 2019 Henningsvaer to Ulvoya (Raftsund). The Skipper went Woof.
Some real sailing today. A relatively calm start out of Henningsvaer, and at first we were a bit disappointed by the light winds. This soon changed and we were zipping along well-heeled over and then reefing in the main, changing from yankee 2 to staysail and reefing the main again. So lots of lessons in sailing in windyish conditions. Lunch was a rather under appreciated meal. We turned North into Raftsund and things calmed down….so much so that the skipper decided to bring out his inner dog, and wore Laura’s barking dog hat for the rest of the day. A spot of tourism up Trollfjord, well worth a visit, but no trolls seen, and then round to our anchorage in Lauksund near Trollfjord. We’re not mentioning the race.

10 June 2019 Ulvoya (Raftsund) to Gulvika
A bit of tourism North up Raftsund from our mooring. Unfortunately, this was into the teeth of a North wind plus rain and grey clouds. We saw the road bridge and then turned back towards the blue sky in the South. Much more pleasant…. a very pleasant easy sail practicing our jibes before a lunch stop in Ulvagen. Our detailed calculations suggested we’d have 0.7m depth clearance at the bar so we were a bit surprised to see no less than 3.8m. More jibing practice after lunch and then to a perfect lonely pontoon in Gulvika. This has picnic tables, a wood burning stove space for a BBQ. There is loads of wood in the pine forest just to the North of the pontoon. The lunchtime depth experience prompted us to recheck the depth sounder reading with a plumb line, and we confirmed that the sounder was reading depth below the keel, so the bar at Ulvagen is much deeper than the chart advised…or at least it was today. And we finished the day with another great meal outside by the wood burner.

11 June 2019 Gulvika to Skrova. Plotting and pilotage.
Having checked out the depth sounder yesterday, it was logical to check out the other end of the boat today…. the mast. Sofi and Dan were hoisted into the blue sky up the mast. We then got on with our day of pilotage. The plan had been to do some easy sailing but the sea was glass-like so we motored the long way around Litlmolla, and then down the West coast of Skrova to practice our pilotage techniques. We saw a white-tailed sea eagle off Skrova. Skrova itself is a beautiful, but quiet island, so quiet the pub was shut! Nice easy walk across the island to the beach, interesting photos in the tunnel – watch out for the ferries coming in and out.