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Bluejay leaves Bodo looking for peppers

Posted in : Bluejay

Our first two days have been filled with safety briefs and getting familiar with the boat. Making ourselves at home here ready for the adventures that lie ahead over the next few weeks.
We left Bodo this afternoon with just a short hop across to Landegode. It was raining and flat as a millpond out there, with barely a breath of wind and so it was quite atmospheric as islands appeared out of the mist. We didn’t have much hope for sailing, but persevered with putting the sails up to get used to how they work. Pedro and Dan set the bar high by sweating the main all the way to the top on the first day. Much to our surprise, even with it looking like there was no wind we were able to have a lovely little sail. With the claim that 7.2 knots was the highest speed seen on the log. We managed to practice some tacking and gybing before sailing into the anchorage for the night, achieving much more than we expected when we set off!
Cooking dinner (spag bol and homemade garlic bread) we discovered that Oriole has our supply of peppers as we are now out of them already. We will have to hunt them down over the next few days! As the rain and cloud is now lifting, the view of this little anchorage is being revealed. It’s beautiful. Very secluded with islands and hills all around. There’s even snow topped mountains in the background. Despite it still raining a bit we can’t resist keeping nipping out to enjoy more of the view and take more photos.
As we plan the passage for tomorrow, we look forward to seeing what else Norway has to offer as this is just the beginning. And we have been told that it includes some sun!