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Bluejay nears the coast of Norway

Posted in : Bluejay

What a difference a day makes! After battling the sleet squalls of the last few days we’ve finally had a break in the weather and are ghosting along in beautiful evening light and a gentle breeze. Everyone has become proficient at down wind helming with several people surfing at 11 knots under a poled out Yankee and triple reefed mainsail. How Sara and John rustled up a delicious risotto last night whilst we were regularly being thrown around on four metre waves I dont know! Ciara then followed up with pear and summer fruits stewed with an oat crumb (not quite enough topping to be a fully fledged crumble) so there has been no shortage of good eating on board. They say that you judge a crew by how they pull together in a crisis, but I would say that the mark of a truly happy crew is how they cope with a toilet blockage. I am glad to say that our very own flush gate scandal was quickly resolved and with much hilarity all round