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Bluejay prepares to sail from St Lucia to Jamaica!

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Right now, Bluejay is moored quietly at the end of the pontoon at Rodney Bay Marina, while all aboard are experiencing the warm Caribbean hospitality ashore.
Today she was treated to a full wash & scrub up and was restocked with the all important provisions for our ocean crossing. Excitement has been building for the last few days.  Those who have crossed oceans before impart any not very useful information they can think of to the others, which mostly seems to consist of “sleep lots” and enjoy night sailing as it’s very special.  Skipper appears to be working on his “Mike’s Top Tips for Ocean Sailing” forthcoming book, with his regular supply of useful handy hilarious hints, delivered with a quick wit.  This last week, we’ve learned a lot, become good friends, laughed an extraordinary amount, mostly at each other, and learned everything from navigation to knots and weather.  Wildlife seen in the last week: dolphins, fish, whale, turtle, lots of boobies.
Incident log: Hat Overboard. Sadly despite dropping the headsails and launching into full recovery mode, Steve’s hat remains missing in action. The rest of the crew have since spent time finding their own hat retainers or making some with small bits of rope. Every day’s a school day.
Crew: Nervous & excited all at the same time
Next stop: Jamaica 🇯🇲