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Bluejay sails from Iceland to the Faroes

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Bluejay Passage from Iceland to Faroe islands

It was Wednesday afternoon that Bluejay and it’s crew set of from the anchorage behind the islands in Reydarfjordur, Iceland for her crossing to the Faroe Islands.

The wind in the Fjord was still mild, but visibility was reduced by fog. As we left the swell from the last strong northerly wind spell was still in full force and wind rose up to about force 5.

The crew still needed to find their sea legs and the first few watches fell short on crew.

Accordingly to the weather forecast the wind diminished during the night And in the morning the sea state was already more bearable for most and lost crew raised from their bunks and resumed the watches.. the moon also made an appearance after not been seen by the skipper for more then 3 weeks

Early in the morning on Friday, while the sun rose out from the ocean in the east, land appeared after a crossing of 250 nM. Layers of clothing were shed off as the temperature rose in the new discovered islands. Unfortunately the sun was driven away by clouds and the afternoon and night were filled with rain.

The crew found connections with home in the cafe around the corner of the dock and were able to shower, swim and bathed in the local swimming pool. David and Stephen D. found us a nice restaurant for the night, that appeared a bit dodgy up first but turned out to be nice food by the Tunisian cook… it was worth the long rainy hike around the harbour.