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Bluejay sails into Jamaica

Posted in : Bluejay

Remember those 9 complete strangers who met a couple of weeks ago then went off on an adventure from Martinque to Jamaica, taking in St Lucia on the way?

At 3am this morning they entered the marina in Jamaica while playing Bob Marley on deck. Everyone was up on deck whether they were on watch or not. Some things are too exciting to miss, even for some much needed sleep! After tidying up the boat and putting the sails away, they were drinking cold beers on deck celebrating a truly special moment.
It hadn’t been the most fulfilling end to the journey having to motor the last hours due to the winds dying out, however we achieved what we set out to do – make a 1000 mile blue water crossing together. Everyone will be leaving with more bruises than they came with but will also be taking away something else much more precious – a whole bunch of new friends.
People we didn’t know a few short weeks ago have seen us at our best, and our worst and we’ve all came out the other side laughing. Some have been to Jamaica before, some haven’t, some have crossed oceans before, most haven’t. But whatever we do in “real life”, wherever in the world we come from, we have new sailing buddies. And would be thrilled to sail anywhere, anytime, with any of them.
When asking everyone what their one special moment of the past two weeks has been, some things varied – the wildlife, the sunsets, the incredible stars, sitting on the rail, making omelettes under the engine….however there is one thing that everyone mentions – the people.
Today was our final day together, we could have gone anywhere and done anything, after all, we’ve been living on top of each other for almost 2 weeks. So where were we? – Together. Eating out, in the pool, having drinks and laughing a lot about our adventures. Especially about this morning when customs made us prove that a sleeping Mark in his bunk was actually alive by waking him up!
A huge thank you to Mike & Ollie for always being there when needed, for teaching even salty sea dogs new tricks, for not judging & for getting the best out of everyone. And the rest of us – Mark, Nat, Marlow, Philippe, Andrew, Jo, John, Steve & Sandra, I’m pretty sure we’re going to be seeing each other again soon. Life is about the people & the journey. We’ve had quite a journey already!
Keep on adventuring my friends.