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Bluejay speeding up toward the Arctic Circle

Posted in : Bluejay

We’ve been making great progress towards Norway in the last 24 hours. The wind has started to back to the NW and we’re now zooming along on a good course, dodging squalls and the occasional hail shower! Mette has clearly annoyed the weather gods because it seems that every time she takes the wheel the heavens open. I’m sure there’s a spa somewhere which charges good money for having your face exfoliated with ice pellets but I definitely won’t be signing up! The weather this year is unusually cold, but everyone is in great spirits as we inch closer and closer to the Arctic Circle. Sara is looking very smug with her recently purchased hot water bottle and all but two of the crew (Mark and Alan) have now succumbed to the lure of the toasty Fladen suits. We haven’t seen Oriole since yesterday morning but no doubt the orange peril is out there close by. We’re navigating without GPS so relying on Dead Reckoning and Bennys singing