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Bluejay’s crew with rainy days in Arctic Norway!

Posted in : Bluejay

Today we’ve stayed sheltering under the Reinebringen mountain, to give us time to explore Kjerkefjorden. Shortly after breakfast “mother” Holly waved off the rabble with packed lunches in time to get the ferry to Vinstad. From there everyone hiked to Bunes beach in what may be described as anything from “a light drizzle,” to full on rain. It was wet. For a summer solstice there certainly hasn’t been much “sol”! Luckily the views were spectacular, and only made more dramatic by the looming cloud base, totally making the trip worthwhile. In search of an even better photograph a one man attempt to conquer the mountain was initiated… or did the mountain conquer David? (He’s now in bed by 9pm, so I think we now know the answer to that one…). Vince indulged in a “cooling off” dip in the fjord post-hike. Bracing! Witnesses say he went in a man, and emerged an ice cube. When the troops returned the radiators were on full blast, hot chocolates at the ready, dinner on the stove and nothing but an evening of indoors relaxation ahead of them.