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Building winds for Oriole as Hurricane Lorenzo near!

Posted in : Oriole

We awoke to rain in Stornoway this morning….not what you would expect in Scotland….and after a quick breakfast we slipped lines and headed out to sea. Once clear of the marked channel we hoisted sails and starter to tack upwind southwards down the Minch. Despite the forecast for rain clearing it seemed to get heavier but with our Rubicon 3 oilskins we managed to stay dry and warm. The short chop made life interesting downstairs but some prior planning of making the soup beforehand allowed us to easily heat it up. As if they knew a small pod of common dolphins joined us just after lunch and swam with us for a bit as we sailing past the Shiant isles. A slight lull in the wind allowed for some reefing practice which was timely completed for the wind picking up to 25kts as we bore away into the outer reaches of east loch tarbert now surfing small waves at 9kts. What an experience! With the sails away we discussed our berthing and with a careful navigation into the tight sheltered harbour we tied onto the pontoon to finish our day. Brian cooked dinner, beef stroganoff while others explored ashore and we warmed the boat up with the heating. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿