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Cake and vikings

Posted in : Starling

Most deep and meaningful crew conversations on a boat of such calibre as ours will normally revolve around ……cake.

And so with this in the forefront of our minds, and after a much needed shower, we tripped into our current location of Visby, a World Heritage site, for the purposes of sightseeing and cake partaking.

Now cake consumption was essential, as the trip to the world famous Viking Museum was so incredibly mind blowing that masses of energy was used up to assimilate all the information.

So many sophisticated artefacts made of bronze and metal and stone are on display from as far back as 600BC to tell us about these people, but what as a people will ‘we’ leave behind ?

What will future generations understand from our legacy of plastic straws and supermarket bags?

We notice strangely-dressed people are curiously commonplace in the ‘melee’ of cruise ship tourists and day trippers. There is, coincidentally, a week-long festival that brings people from far and near who dress up in Medieval Viking garb and parade the town – congregating later in groups along the seafront to soak up the sun and wait for the sunset, as do we.

However, we reluctantly need an early night ready to slip the lines early for our long sail across to Kalmar tomorrow.

So, thank you, the island of Gotland – we loved you!