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The Righteous Robert’s Rum shack and other adventures

The day dawned to a fresh Yankee 3 breeze from the North East. The crew arose like a jury rigged tri-sail from the mists of the previous night’s rum punch. Mark and Sarah navigated us “out of the bay, and to the second island on the right” and after awesome pilotage through the reefs Starling […]

Tobago Cays

After further refining their relationship with rum, the crew did finally find their way back from Righteous Robert’s Rum Shack… There was some bleary-eyed conversation in the morning about converting the Douglas scale for sea state in to a more useful reference for assessing the state of inebriation of the crew – work in progress […]

Easy and gentle

Easy and gentle wake-up call for the Starling crew today – harsh wake-up call for the Skipper to coax life into the generator. An hour later with a few genius fixes and expert consult from on-board Marine Engineer Mark (how fortunate!) we were up and running again. Goal #1 of the day found us summoning […]

Heading to Grenada

Leaving Union Island, and with Xavier and Rick in navigation mode, our next port of call was Carriacou, part of Grenada and requiring a visit to the customs office for Kieran. A relatively calm and peaceful day on our beloved Starling – Mark, Hannah and Tim rotated on the helm with the team keeping a […]

Day 2 in the Grenadines

Starling’s fly even in the rain it would appear! The crew was outraged to find that rain does, in fact, fall here in the Caribbean, but soldiered on with their first sail nonetheless. Andy being a constant presence with the camera hopefully has some great pictures of the rain! Susie bravely rescued a mock man […]

Another freakin’ great day in paradise

Another freakin’ great day in paradise, starting with a porridge breakfast to give us the energy for morning sports. Team 1: swam at least 200 times round the boat anchored in the Cays (well the tender anyway); Team 2: went with the happy captain Neil to the island where they filmed ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ […]

Twas a night of rain

‘‘Twas a night of rain before starling arose To the skippers pancakes- had their highs and their lows A wander about on posh mustique At least until the sky took a leak A birthday cake and then off on their way A downwind sail to sunny becquia A booby took a rest upon the bow […]

Navigated by the Boobies

Navigated by the Boobies, we finally arrive into St Lucia, next to the impressive Pitons, after a 12 hour overnight sail. The Frigates, assisted by Geoffrey the spider are woken up to help the Boobies put Starling’s sails to bed; and after an amazing bacon & egg breakfast from Alex, nearly everyone takes back to […]