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Cayo Largo

Posted in : Hummingbird

Hummingbird rose early for our first day at sea. An 85nm effort to cayo largo and our introduction to the southern cays of Cuba. It was dark as we cleared out and worked on deck to prep things but some dawn was upon us and 10minutes after we slipped lines the sun was rising over our departure town behind us. Nick piloted is out as breakfasts and coffee’s were made. Before we exited the large harbour the mainsail was hoisted but with very light winds forecast we were expecting a day relying on our engine. No matter though as we worked our way through various sail lessons including reefing, preventors, lines and mainsail shape. As the day continued and heated up under the blazing sun Nichola provided us with an amazing beetroot salad for lunch with our homemade bread before we slipped into a watch system and motor sailed under full sail (2 headsail and a mainsail) accompanied by dolphins. The afternoon was filled by views of the cays, being able to sea the bottom in 15m of water, whiteboard lessons on weather basics, chart table orientation and a busy galley. Rob was baking bread, Stu cake, Tracey and Penny dinner. The bread and cake needing to be swapped over and taken out the oven just as Tracey piloted is in the shallow channel at sunset was of course our prime concern at the time. So much so that Holly missed the green flash of the setting sun in the busyness on board. Safely alongside and cleared in we enjoyed dinner and a debrief in the cockpit before I’m sure a visit to the waterfront bar to rehydrate after a long day in the sun.