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Cayo Rosario bound

Posted in : Hummingbird

After a breakfast of bacon and eggs rustled up by Michelle the crew set to work on rigging Hummingbird for her passage further west in search of beaches and snorkeling. A new clearance paper in hand and all crew accounted for we set off under pilotage from Rob.

Once clear of the reef we set full main, thought about Y1 but went for the safety of Y2 and a staysail and we were soon reaching off at 7 kts. The few hours sail was kept busy with Rob navigating, Shirley and Sarah getting a local sun meridian with the sextants, Michelle manning the lines and Robert and Rod cooking up amazing quesadillas for lunch. A couple of course alterations later and the sails back on the deck we were threading Hummingbird through a 200m gap in the reef and dropping the hook in the unuasual spot of hundreds of miles of open ocean in front of us and protected by just a shallow reef.

We set to work on putting the boat to bed and launching the dinghy for exploration ashore. A shore party for swimming and a reef party for snorkeling assembled and the crew spent the next couple of hours enjoying the soft sand and blue water with the added bonus of a reef full of life and pelicans diving just off the beach.

As can be the case for these east facing bays/beaches in this part of the world and due to its remote isolation the back of the beach was a haven for washed up plastic giving our crew a wake up call to how serious the situation is. It is very unlikely any of this waste has come from Cuba and has instead been transported through the ocean from other origins. So if you are reading this then maybe you too could help and cut down on your plastic use today and help save our world from this man made destruction.

On a lighter note and all back aboard we sat down in the moonlit cockpit for a veg and lamb stew followed by chocolate cake and cream as Rod orchestrated the choir in the cockpit and entertained us with songs on his ukulele, supported by Sarah with the marakas and Robert exercising his vocal cords with some enthusiastic singing.

Robert has also been making sure the crew are well hydrated with his supply of red wine.

I sense this evening in the cockpit will run on as we enjoy the cooling breeze and ceiling of stars.