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The Rubicon 3 Covid-19 Policy

Last update: April 18 2021

Keeping everyone safe from Covid is our absolute priority and at all times we will follow the UK government guidelines. If the guidelines at the time of your trip say testing is required before joining, we will help facilitate this for you. In every aspect of Covid security, Rubicon 3 follows the very highest standards, including having the boats meticulously cleaned with anti-covid fogging machines between trips.
Covid Cancellation Insurance
From Monday April 19 2021 it is a requirement of your booking that you have Covid cancellation insurance. There are now many providers of this. An example is the cover provided by the Post Office, which has a cruise option and costs around £22 for a two week trip. If you do test positive or cannot join the trip due to Covid related issues, this will give you the financial protection you need.
Book with total confidence
Rubicon 3 adheres to the highest industry standards of financial protection. All customer payments are held in a protected trust account, meaning you have total security. Should we not run a trip for any reason, you are guaranteed a full refund without delay, without the delays that can come from having to claim through your bank, card provider or insurance.