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Crew of Hummingbird 1: BOB 0

Posted in : Hummingbird

After a tasty dinner in Brest, where enough seafood to sustain a small country was gorged we set of to see BOB (Bay of Biscay). Bob could be a mean frightening enemy or a tame pussyfoot and for two days a steady ten knots eased us downwind. This was my first experience of the watch system and it didn’t take long before, at the last turn of the helm, my only wish was the warm bunk below. The ocean started to shape into a three sixty wonder world, with. Dolphins dancing and whales blowing, Gannets gliding, and lost little birds desperate to rest their tired wings. Suddenly Dutch Pat, raised a shout and swung the helm to starboard, a whale surfaced at the bow and disappeared just as quick. As the Spanish coastline neared the wind turned and Bob became very angry. Cape Finisterre decided to wake us up and slow us down. BOB was throwing a tantrum and it was never ending. Helming became exciting and a battle of skill. Eventually we turned towards port and slowly we could see the hills of Galicia and landmarks guided us in to a safe haven. We had done bob. Baiona was a happy place and I came across a bar where five guitarists were singing and being accompanied by several singers. The songs had a repetitive melody so everyone could join in and it was unique. As a proud Irishman I had to give them a song and luckily another paddy was in the bar and we launched into the Wild Rover, which went down well. The last day was a pleasant sprint around the headland to Vigo where we wound down and came slowly back to our real lives. A great trip with new friends made. Bob being the best.