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Cuba calling

Posted in : Hummingbird

Hummingbirds latest crew members turned up sharp today, obviously all super keen to get going! After a light lunch and some chat to get to know each other we set to the task of learning some of the basics onboard including domestics and life below decks, lifejackets, deck work and the crew still found time to visit the on site bar before dinner was served, a home made prawn curry. The new crew came bearing gifts with some homemade cookies by Roberts partner, or was that Rod, or maybe Rab….this is going to be confusing! Dean is our other gent on board with Sarah, Michelle and Shirley completing our line up. A guitar shaped case also made it onboard and so I look forward to some live music onboard. The bonding is going great and there is some great story telling going on in the cockpit just now and no alcohol is involved. It’s amazing how friendly these Rubicon3 trips can be and no matter if you come as a couple, alone or as a group you will always leave with new friends.

Personally I have found a Jamaican replacement for irn bru so life onboard is great!

Skipper Stu