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Dark and Stormy

Posted in : Hummingbird

We’ve had several days of passage crossing the North Sea in our two watch teams. For some of the crew we’ve now had our first experience of sailing in Force 8 storms! It’s been a mixed bag of weather; we weren’t really expecting it to be a smooth ride, but we’re certainly getting through a fair amount of sailing hours, night hours, changing sails, helming, and limbs bulging out of lee cloth bunks on a port tack across the North Sea. Thankfully we’ve had the occasional break of sunshine to lift our spirits and a chance to dry out our issued foulies just a little for the next shift. On two occasions we ate our delicious supper collectively on deck when the sun was out. On one of our night shifts we emerged from the hatch and were greeted to the peaceful site of sails against a rich starry sky, and gentle swooshing of Hummingbird gently easing through the black waters. It really made you imagine how ancient mariners would have navigated the earth, minus powered shipping vessels and oil rigs of course.

With all the tacking manoeuvres on our final leg of the journey towards Ramsgate, it seemed like watching a Hanna-Barbera cartoon with the landscape repeating itself; wind farm to port, wind farm to starboard, oh look another wind farm – I’m beginning to wander if we’ll ever reach our destination! Thankfully we arrived all in one piece, a bit tired and weary, but satisfied nonetheless.

In other news, Andy’s tired and weary disposable bamboo cup from Alesund is finally out of commission! Hurrah!