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Day 2 in the Grenadines

Posted in : Blog

Starling’s fly even in the rain it would appear! The crew was outraged to find that rain does, in fact, fall here in the Caribbean, but soldiered on with their first sail nonetheless. Andy being a constant presence with the camera hopefully has some great pictures of the rain! Susie bravely rescued a mock man overboard and got a sea bath in the process. Unfortunately her phone also came for a swim and definitely contributed to us missing the buoy the first time through, though Jonny, Caitlain and David persevered and dunked Susie again….they promise it wasn’t deliberate and our MOB was rescued. We made it all of 2miles today from our start point and upon arriving in the gorgeous Dragon Bay, Wendy did a great job coming into the mooring and then a group of explorers snorkelled through Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture garden, arriving back on the boat to enjoy dinner and Libby’s birthday celebration with a gorgeous Paella, and a chocolate cake cooked by mate Alex. Blog by Caitlin and Alex