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Delayed blog post from pre-departure in Iceland!

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Sorry readers, this one got missed before the crew who left Iceland last week – ED

Fun and games onboard the Bluejay…… jokes already on day 2 range from not being allowed birds in their bunks….sorry Ian… a comment actually stemming from seagulls flying around and trying to land! David and Wendy are our intrepid navigators onboard a planning us a route from Iceland to the Faroe Islands found the tide tables a little different to normal being very brightly coloured and strong but got through them eventually! Amancio has already become our pilotage expert and has taken us in and out of a few fjords already!


Stephen B and David seem to have mastered the Bluejay dance……. with the dosi-doe and a quick step left and right to actually manoeuvre the saloon around the table!


Stephen D representing our Scottish end destination on board was also one of be only people at the pool crazy enough to fully dunk in the 4 degree plunge pool, while Ian, Sue with Skipper Patrick and mate Alex became the big kids of the group and enjoyed the water slide …… a few times!


So far the crew have braved the cold and layers have been out even fladen suits have been making an appearance as the sailing got off to a good start but with Snow on the hill tops temperatures averaging below 5degrees!


Lindsey gave us her take on the past few days for the blog:

As we leave Seydisdisfjordur fjord on a port tack we spot a pod of Minke whales and see them blowing.  Heading south, Bluejay sailed nicely in the moderate swell towards Nordfjordur where we docked twice, Patrick having our comfort in mind, moved Bluejay to a calmer harbour. Wonderful soak in a series of Icelandic hot tubs followed by coffee and pastries in the local cafe.  The sea state en route to Reydarfjorour was a bit calmer and dolphins came to the boat, such a joy to see them.  Today we prepare for the passage to the Faroes.




So far we have smiles all round a lot of exploration on the cards in the next few days and some beautiful sailing planned to the Faroes!

Signing out of Iceland we’ll update you again from the Faroes.