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Easy and gentle

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Easy and gentle wake-up call for the Starling crew today – harsh wake-up call for the Skipper to coax life into the generator. An hour later with a few genius fixes and expert consult from on-board Marine Engineer Mark (how fortunate!) we were up and running again. Goal #1 of the day found us summoning Captain Neil to take us to Treasure Island (Petit Tabac) on the hunt for pirates treasure. Sadly, we identified the buried treasure location, but had been beaten to the booty and all the rum had been drunk already. The consolation of being on an amazing deserted island, surrounded by turquoise seas and turtles was still pretty fabulous. Back to Starling and by their own request, Hannah and Mark each visited the top of the mast, with great pictures and video to highlight the amazing surrounding seas and views. Setting sail for the afternoon, we set course for Petit St Vincent (PSV) with great navigating by Xavier and Mark to weave our way through the reefs and a great sail through to PSV. Abandoning ship on arrival to catch sundowners at the local hotel bar put everyone in the mood for a delicious dinner of fresh fish prepared and cooked by chefs Hannah and Nick. Another great day on board the beautiful Starling. Alison – Crew