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En route to Havana!

Posted in : Hummingbird

This morning Penny and Anthony had a final trip ashore while Nick and Tracey finalised passage planning for our long passage to Havana. All back aboard at midday we tucked into Rob’s lunch of quesadilla’s and baked sweet potato before Nick and Tracey briefed the crew on our passage. A quick intro to watch keeping and we were ready to go but not before Rob, Holly and Tracey ventured high up the mast to take photos, check the rig and enjoy the views. By late afternoon Hummingbird was rolling and surfing down the waves to Cuba’s western tip Cabo San Antonio. We have currently just rounded the western tip and are enjoying some calmer conditions in the moonlit night as Nichola helms us north towards Polaris. It’s only 10pm and the midnight munchies are already in full flow with fresh bread being the munch of choice.