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Exploring by sea and by bike

Posted in : Starling

Starling’s day at the Baltic haven of Utö started with a sturdy breakfast of Huevos a la flamenco which fuelled the team for the day ahead….little did they know how much they’d need it. Skipper Darren had recommended an 8km cycle ride across the island for lunch in an idyllic bay at Alö. Bikes were duly hired and off we set.
The journey through ancient forest was punctuated by glimpses of bays, flowery glades, a military firing range and a disused tank or two. After all the uppy and downy bits on the bikes we reached our idyllic lunch stop ….11km on the log and the distance calculations were already a tad adrift.
Further exploration led us to a woodland water pump with sparkling crystal clear water then on to the bay at Storsand where Chris, Catherine, Rowena and Alexis went for a dip in the warm Baltic sea …..the rest of us basked on the rocks in the warm sunshine and watched in admiration.
The return trip was harder going but was rewarded with copious scoops of ice cream and a gin and tonic or three on board to round off a spectacular day. Final trip log 30km and a few sore derrieres.